The Effect Of Change~Evolution


I shall begin with a simple question what is change?

An act or process through which something becomes different.

Change is so inevitable. Now changes can be both good and bad and so could be its effects.

Change can affect you in a lot of ways. The human brain is like a closed loop. We might not know but our brain automatically keeps on processing thoughts. These external factors get imprinted in our minds and our brain takes them as either challenges or threats and processes them accordingly.

The effects can be broadly classified into-

*  Positive effects

*  Negative effects

* Immediate effects

Delayed/long-term effects

The paragraph below will demonstrate the different types of effects in a very simple manner-

Imagine, you have been working all your life in a small town firm and suddenly one day, you get to start working at a big firm in NYC. Now as I told earlier our brain is a closed loop. You look at the change in the place, notice the change in the work demands, your co-workers and you try to adapt accordingly. Let me remind you,

adaptation is a very important aspect of change.

So yea, you try to adapt to the new changes in your life, start working harder. You work for hours at a stretch and you miss your meals, you neglect social interactions. The most immediate effect of this small town to NYC change will be on your health because of your regular skipping of meals and super hectic routine. Gradually, as you continue to keep at par with the competition, you will notice an increase in your success graphs. And who knows you might even own this very company someday! Slowly, you’ll start losing friends and get isolated because of neglected human interactions. But you continue working hard.

So you see, The example I have above, clearly explains how every change brings along with it a series of effects with can be positive, negative, immediate and delayed. Rarely, effects are neutral.

In the end, I would like to focus on the most important effect of change and that is evolution. A lot of people think that change is detrimental. I suggest change is necessary for us to be what we want to be. To be able to achieve our goals, we must learn how to adapt to these changes and evolve accordingly.

This is a guest entry on the Effects Of Change series made by Tajwar Fatma.

She is an over-thinker, and just like me, trying to impact the world positively!

You can head over to her site Here. Where she advocates her passion!

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