Taking Second Chances

It may be the third, the fourth The Fifth or the tenth time…. Keep giving yourself chances. A chance to make things right, a chance to start all over again, a chance to love, a chance to live life, a chance to not feel guilty.

I cannot afford to say that I know what each and every one of you is going through, but I can risk admitting that I can relate to them. I know what pain feels like; it’s plainly painful, sufferings aren’t for any better either.

As parents, the deprivements you go through to send your children to school, Even Children, the battle between studying, facing bullies, coping with fighting parents….Individuals drawn in depression almost already given up on life.

Often times the society doesn’t help matters either. In Nigeria, single parents, mostly Moms are frowned upon. It’s believed that their children will turn out to nothing but wayward nuisance causing Mayhems all around.

Shunning your attention to these things would be of great help. One mistake we often make is depending upon the society for refuge In return, what we get is plain sympathy, not empathy but I don’t blame anyone I only blame the system, After all, they have their issues to deal with too.

However, this is about you. No one but you will help you live your life. This always doesn’t work easily as speaking but you have to take it one step at a time. You need not see these as problems but rather as challenges. Obstacles that hinder you from reaching your peak. A few aggressive approaches one at a time with sure see them crumbling at your feet.

For my dear depressed friends who are contemplating suicide, I beg you not to. The world needs you. The 7.2 billion folks walking on the surface of our beloved planet need you to survive. Suicide is absolutely NOT the way out of your assumed misery rather; you’ll only become a failure when you do so. Think about this, would death really put an end to what you are passing through? What if you’ll only end up returning back to a new outlook and perhaps a different country faced with the same issues?  The truth is, if you don’t make it on this earth God brought you to, you’ll most likely not make it anywhere else. You are too close to success to give up now! You are too special to be fed to maggots! You are a living being, so there’s hope for survival, there’s hope for a change in your situation. Save yourself, save a life and save the tears of people for you never know who you inspire.

Generally, challenges molds us to become stronger, better and wiser.  If you aren’t faced with one you must be a coconut.  Fate, however, knows that we can surely handle them that is probably why we come across them. This life we live in is a test. And no test is ever easy if you do not prepare.

So give yourself a chance to see things in a whole brand new perspective.

Follow a credo of #Live  #Laugh and #Love!

Best Wishes,


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