The Effects of Change ~ Divergence.

Change is an inevitable thing. Over the years, things have changed – from culture, education, and other systems present in the world. There are systems that most of us follow because they are essential; and there are these systems that we are sick and tired of following just because it corrupts our beliefs, thoughts, and the very person that we are.

What is Divergence?

Divergence is an idea of parting away from something that you think is different from what you exactly want to do, belief, practice, etc.

Divergence can be taken in different ways depending on how it emerged.

1)      By disagreement

– Divergence emerges as a result of a strong disagreement. Who would want to stay and nurture disagreements? Any takers? Of course, none! Might as well turn away to avoid negative thoughts and consequences.

2)      By acquisition and deviation

– You acquire the thought because you feel different hence, you deviate.

Divergence as an effect of change

Change, whether good or bad, affects people in different ways. Well, you might see it as something positive and/or negative, but to me – it is just plain instinct of going against something that you think is incorrectly imposed.A lot of rules and laws have been made and changed, but when you think something does not feel right, you go against it and deviate. Deviance has been seen as something negative, especially when you go against the norms. But how can it be positive? Are you kidding me? Deviance is positive? Yeah!

Deviance is a good thing when you are breaking free of negative cycles brought about by things that you are not used to having or doing. -Acielo Chavez

It may have been perceived as a resistance to change, but not. It is not just resistance, but it is the core of telling the world that we are all different and things are not one-size-fits-all. It makes you think of things before you just accept them as they are. It allows you to become rational. It gives you the freedom to be who you are and the ability to part from things that you are not. It justifies your need to say “no”, when you need to or even just on the idea that you know it will be bad for you.

Common sense. Yep, while we are all being rational about parting away from the norms, we are also guided by our common senses whether we should accept changes or not. Changes plus our common sense, they make us the person that we are as we act on things. In order to be able to get the positive side of things, we do not just go where the majority is. Example: Politics and Corruption, while most of them are being succumbed by the corruption in the system, might as well practice divergence and go against what is “normal”. See, positive, right?

All of us have a common law and understanding of what is good and what is bad, something that does not need any language to be understood, something that is brought about by the changes that one might have experienced or gone through. No matter what we say, if these are the things that we think will make us better, or for the welfare of most, I think it has more positive in it!

So there it is Whether or not you agree that divergence possesses it’s own effects or not, leave your comments below!

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