The Effects Of Change ~ Family Life.

CHANGE, a constant thing in this world and, like it or not, we just have to adapt and surf the waves of change either that, or we perish. Survival of the fittest, remember?. 

EFFECTS OF CHANGE ON FAMILY LIFE…Let us discuss, one by one, the factors that have a great impact in today’s family life;

One, women and changing lifestyle and tradition. Family life involves a mother; a mother is a woman. And, dang, I tell you, where there are female species, EVOLUTION is always certain to follow.

Once upon in ancient times, women were largely (largely because you will find in history strong women who made difference in the course of human existence) considered as nothing more than an accessory and vessel to carry on with evolution in many cultures. Aristotle even thought that a child inherits only the father’s genes and none of the mother’s! Poor guy was a great philosopher who contributed much both in science and philosophy but, apparently, had a poor view on women.

However, In the recent era, women are allowed to vote, to have careers, to choose the men they want to marry or to choose not to marry at all and they actively exist in almost every field. QUITE A CHANGE!.

How does it affect the family life? In a BIG way. We also bring food to the table and therefore, husbands and brothers cannot be said as the only provider of the bunch. More and more, even in very conservative culture, women are being assertive of fighting for equal treatment and opportunities. In many countries, both male and female have the right to education. As such, the workforce is no longer limited to men.

Work means the ability to earn…earning means financial liberty…financial independence means the capability to make a choice. Recent studies showed that many women these days opt to stay single. In Western countries, this is not quite a shock. However, this is a different matter to their Asian counterparts because Asians prided their strengths in the reliable support of family. Meaning, that the old generation can always rely on the younger ones to provide support in their golden years (hence, pension program for the old populace is uncommon). That runs true in most Asian countries. With the latter generation opting not to enter marriage, sharp and definitive change will be expected not only in terms of population but also in the economy. Governments should make plans on how to deal with this impending crisis.

Two, technology. In my childhood; 

   I remember having my siblings, cousins and neighbours as playmates. I can still recall sitting on the floor with my chin resting on my Granny’s knee listening to her stories of how she ended up with Gramps…, or when my brother and I would help Mom in changing pillow cases and curtains while exchanging tales. During nights when there was a full moon, we listened to storytelling of either bible stories or children’s literature or scary rural myths about monsters, ghosts and witches told by an aunt or uncle or older cousins. Kids today? Do they even go outdoors? I bet, more often than not, they are glued to either the phone, the laptop, the tablet or the TV. As I once remarked on someone’s blog, modern technology keeps the family close and yet apart. Do I need to explain that? People in the house all looking stupidly at each his/her own screen. Not talking and yet they are together. You want to talk to your kids? Be in their social media circle.


 Family needs. I do not know if it is just me. Nonetheless, from my point of view, it seems to me that the family have more needs now than it used to be. Before I would like to think, they are only concerned about food, housing, clothing and education. Today, if I am a parent, I will have to think of those things plus my kid now will also need a phone, computer or laptop, occasional travel and most likely, further education to beef up his/her professional qualification (to become market-competitive).

Last, But Certainly Not The least,

 The hierarchy of authority. In the past, it had always been Dad (or, Mom, lol) who decides on every single thing. Children in this age though are allowed more freedom to express themselves and assert themselves. Let us say, from dictatorship, we have become democratic.

Did I miss anything? If yes, please feel free to write down your opinions in the comment section. And do not forget to watch out for the next; 

“The Effect of Change” series. Ciao!

Best Wishes,


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