Content Is King


Gold mining: you already own a gold mine.
In today’s digital age, everyone has a gold mine.
The gold mine is your brain that can produce content.
Content is King.
Content is the gold.
I spend a lot of time trying to encourage people, especially young people in leveraging social media and the internet so they can create their own content.
Anyone who produces content has a certain power.
For example, I am amazed at how many people who spend time arguing or commenting on things like Kanye West.
See you can call the guy all you want but he has power over you: he produces content and you are the consumer of his content.
Dont like what Kanye said then dont comment on anyone’s post.
If you do not have access to a big platform or you have not built your own big platform then dont waste your time.
People like Kanye wont notice your opinion.
Have you ever noticed that influencers produce content and while people are busy arguing/commenting (consuming), they dont even participate in the discussion and they are off to producing more content or more products for you to consume.
Become powerful yourself by producing content and creating your own platform.
And if consuming content, consume content that add to your life and ignore the noise.
The more controversial some people become, the more money they make.
Focus on mining your own mine: the world awaits for your gold (your content) which I am sure is more useful and impactful than what some people like Kanye are producing.
And you might become rich in the process…
Start mining today.
Best Wishes,

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