Lost In The Moment

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Joy, Happiness, Laughter, Fun… you do not recall the last time you had those. It feels all strange and distant.

The pain lurks around, no, in you. It’s on replay. You cannot get out of the misery.
Everyone single one of us has a story to share. Feelings to express, a voice inside of us to “Echo” our thoughts.

You try hard to sham a smile, showing everyone else you’re stronger than they perceive you.

You keep walking with heads up in the clouds, hiding your true emotions admits the misty gloom of the stormy clouds.

You look through the window beyond the lawn the crowds are gone.

You don’t remember the last time you felt alive
You recall the good old days, wishing they re-surface from the horizon.

Subconsciously, You compare your past with the present, the moments of the past is better than your reality.

You slide backwards daily but that’s what you get When you re-live the past.

The pad and pen is the only place you feed your soul, the best avenue to express your self but once you’re done, the aloofness emerges, making confidence an August friend.

Dear me, I’ll fight through this situation if I have to all alone. If I succeed, I do so with pride prancing like a lion into the gallery wagging it’s tail.

If I lose or worse, end up dead in my misery, I’ll do so with bruised pride. Knowing I fought a good and brave stand alone battle.

Until then, I shall accept my fate.

Best Wishes,
The Sensation.


This is dedicated to anyone going through depression.  Stay Positive!

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