Silence – The endangered species.

Silence is an endangered species.

“Darkness will teach us how to appreciate the presence of light, Silence will teach us to be joyous in sound.”

Silence is hallow in its purest form. An inevitable occurrence in the human race. It is natural. It gives rise to great panic, it reflects upon our true self, The parts that are very much unfamiliar to us.

With silence, dots we could never discern connects effectively.

A constant reminder of happenings, events, thoughts, wishes & emotions.

Silence is powerful; in fact, it is a weapon to wield wisely.

It can burn & build bridges, turn allies into enemies, make a lover into a stranger makes ways and blocks too.

Science is an endangered species.

It’s the uprising of a digital age, –Mental noise is hurting our minds

we are continually asking questions that gives rise to anticipation and anxiety not knowledge.

We are evolving rapidly to a state of ‘reacting mode,’ leaving no room for reflection.

Silence is not just lack of noise, neither is it the lack of sound. It’s an empty space for your mind to recover clarity. And to protect it from more mental noise.

I am not absentminded. It is the presence of mind that makes me unaware of everything else.” — G.K. Chesterton

While there isn’t much to do about it, we have to make conscious effort to seek different perspectives in life.

Sort after silence for a lifetime of wisdom.

Best Wishes,

The Sensation team.

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