Four Keys To Happiness In Life

FOUR Keys To Happiness In Life

Overall, there are 4 essential keys to happiness and success that will help to materialize both those things in your life.

Happiness is subjective. Different strokes for different folks, an imperative factor to note.

It turns out, according to Happify’s infographics, 50 percent of your happiness is actually biologically determined, while 40 percent “is controlled by your thoughts, actions, and behaviors,” and only 10 percent is as a result of circumstances.

And by the reason of Circumstances, I classify it as an “Effort Reward Circle”.
While Happiness is not only a *feeling*, it’s a being.


Personal development related articles, books, Journals offer the secrets to happiness and obviously, I am no exception.

Happiness is never perceptible by touch. it’s not a plastic card with an unlimited amount of positivity and credit endowed to your name.

Happiness is a state of contentment — a skill that, will most definitely Improve over a long period of time and practice.

Prior to my many experiences, when life does not go according to plan there are ways to find happiness even in the smallest details:

Live, One Day At A Time:

“One day at a time, we’ll definitely overcome~ Lawson.”

Every single day is a new chance to rise against all odds. Face challenges in new dimensions, from a different perspective. One major flaw we make as humans is, we live by planning the future. Thoughts like these become our daily companion; What will happen tomorrow?, how do I pay off the bills?.. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you deprive yourself off the rights to live Life one day at a time.

Do not rummage on the events of the past. What you did, why you shouldn’t have done what you did… You’ll have the privilege of moving backwards doing so.

What’s gone is gone and to ruminate on the past only invites added stress and worry and worry only insights panic and insecurity.


There is so much to be gained with your focus on the present moment; To see that which is right in front of us and appreciate it’s presence. The beauty of nature.

Your happiness can drastically improve if you can make it a conscious point to appreciate the little things in life.

“In short, happiness doesn’t come from making happiness the goal — it comes from being able to appreciate the journey, particularly the present-moment experience of our lives.” Ezra Bayda.

Work Towards it.

Nothing can be achieved unless effort is made towards making it a reality.
As stated earlier, it’s an “Effort Reward Circle.”

Hence, You have to make happiness your early morning toffee.

You can choose a positive attitude in any moment. Yes, you definitely can. –Did someone drop your macbook accidentally?- you decide what your re-action will be.

Therefore, You can accept failure, choose to work harder next time. No matter your “choice of choices”, there will be another day to reveal your best self since conditions are continually changing. All these are the fundamental basis on which your happiness lies upon.

Another thing is, You almost absolutely cannot choose to be happy, but you definitely can decide to be happy despite the circumstances around.

Jonathan Fields,
“Real happiness comes not when you choose to be happy, but when you discover the things that will make you happy and then do them.”

Social Media Hurts? Give it a break
Experts have discovered that whilst we use the social media and keep tracks of our past mates and friends and see how far they’ve gone ahead of us, a handful amount of us can relate to the slight envy built inside of us.

While this isn’t applicable to everyone, it’s very important to Sensitive individuals to give the social media a break. Take your life’s laps one at a time. You’re in no Competition with anyone else out there. It’s just you and your ambitious spirit.

No Competition At All

Our comparison to others has its potential limitations. While we are ambitious, We can become too invested in the lives of others and lose track of our journey. Everyone’s circumstances differ.

Whilst it helps to learn from them, too much competition can ruin your peace of mind. Focus on your dreams and goals and enjoy your achievements and success. Savour them instead of being competitive.

And if for any reason they are very-well ahead of you, do not envy them for any reason rather, celebrate with them.

Stay Positive, Be Optimistic

As per my many experiences, every single thing happens for the greater good. One day at a time, you will overcome.

Consequently, “You can choose a positive attitude in any moment” 

Add a twist of positivity to what transpires and your life will change for the better.

There’s one way to make ourselves happy, that’s by avoiding what makes us un-happy. Definitely not as easy as speaking, but it’s worth every effort you put.

Appreciating what you have right now automatically brings you into the present. It allows you to get past the dissatisfaction of wanting a bigger house or a better relationship or a better job and experience what you have right now.

A sub-thousand words article cannot cover everything you need to know to lead a happy lifestyle. It however can stir you to action to take charge of your well-being.

Note: Challenges are solved easily with smiling faces than choppy face which makes people Cringe.

Best Wishes,

The Sensation Team.


Disclaimer; While These are practical Steps intended to help everyone lead a happy lifestyle, we also acknowledge the fact that some issues are strictly Psychological and requires medical treatments. Please, refer to the Disclaimer Page for more info.

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