The Early Homecoming

This Piece is Dedicated To Everyone,

I tell you day-to-day,  Claim Amen to Life. 💪

 I’m drawn awake daily, filled with clusters of thoughts each struggling to supersede the other, causing frequent mental breakdown.

I search effortlessly for the missing piece, a part of my mind, the one I hope to keep me sane.

What I have become and what I had hoped to be do not connect by any means.

They say you have a thousand reasons to remain alive daily?

I lose then thousands to pixellated ashes before dusk.

People compliment me, neglecting the essence of this phrase; “this lifestyle is dangerous”

however, that caution never exceeds my point of view.

But then, I become an explicit mess, beyond my control and the reality begins to sink in.

The crowds are gone, all that’s left outside is lawn.


Before I declare my very last words, I can admit to this, I should have been there for me.

I should have paid stern attention towards the feelings than I had towards the vibes that kept creeping in.

But to you reading this, avoid treading  upon my path I trailed.

Every Step on the way, Claim Amen to life.

Best Wishes,

The Sensation Team.

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