VENICE ~ 1846


It was the year 1846, I saw the riots  in the City, Venice. I watched the people turn against the  Austrian Garrison.

In the midst of it all, I saw the silhouette of your presence. 

I rejoiced quietly as I had come to think of you  and prayed that you’d be very well alive and active.

I thought about the challenges you had to go through and I wondered for a long time, how you were faring.

I was almost relieved when I confirmed how sturdy & Debonair you were, but this was short-lived when I took critical  observations, you were scathed severely.

Not a metre of flesh upon your skin was free of it.

Before long, you had faded away along with the multitudes beneath me.

In the days that followed, I searched earnestly for an encounter with you.

I prayed to the Constellations in the skies, the arrogant waves of the oceans, the impeccable beauty of graffiti and to my chí to keep you out of any more harm’s way.

Spring Gradually went away, making way for Summer.

The Summers came and went consecutively, until I lost count.

The years Waxed and Waned, nothing changed but your Consistent absence,

My persistent stares towards the clouds and hopes I had managed to keep alive.

London 1863


It became the early months of 1863, I had moved to London, in fact, The world had moved here.

I began setting up the major turning point in my life, set in a pattern of event so Far-reaching, I lacked the clarity of the end


A decade later, I felt my calling became nearer.  I visited mothers grave on the cemetery we both met for the first time.

This time, I had assured myself it’ll be the last I’ll see her from this other side of the world.

The next, I’ll most likely be laid beside her, beneath the Earth’s Crust.

I placed the last of the flower petal by her grave side.

As I Rose up, I felt the world was changing. An unusual  satisfaction, an overwhelming peace of mind erupted my entire being.

You Came to Venice, to meet with me, Yes?” 

That voice startled me. I hoped for it.

The  past Three – Four decades I presume?

I turned towards the direction it came.

So glad was  I.

There was he!

Fulfilled and happy to the brim, I looked over mothers Grave, I gave thanks.

And to Nature, you never let me down.

Best Wishes,

The Sensation Team

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