The Broken Glass – Guilt Once Again-

“Inspired By A True Life Story”

I took a quick look around the room, the blood-Stained water still lay in the basin.

There came a hard knock on the door, they knocked continuously and their shouts grew louder and more insistent.

I quickly wiped away the spots of drying blood off the floor.

Something definitely needed to get done and fast before the doors are brought down.

We were frightened and stood convicted of our own guilt.

I shook my head in defeat, ran fingers through my hair in search of a way out.

Casting a glance at my reflection in the mirror, behind me I could see the unconscious figure lying behind the drapes of curtain.

The banging on the door became more frequent, I buried my face in my palms greasing my face with blood.

The sultry heat of the room hit its climax, I watched everyone in the room, each swallowed up in their own pool of guilt and confusion.

It was frightening to stand there and witness this dark moment and a perfect timing, the rain sheeted down.

Then there was a loud thud, the door made way for the intruders. I heard screams across the room which frightened my very existence.

Heart Pounding, Foot slamming against the hard ground, I escaped through the open window. I ran as fast as I could panting in sheer exhaustion as I did.

Peaking behind, I saw a group of two figures climbing down the same window.

“They Were after me”! The thought was enough to rip my heart out!

Barefoot, I kept on with the pace, not minding the direction I took.

A needle pricked my foot while I ran causing me to stable and fall against my face in a great heap. That did feel more like spikes!

I quickly crawled to take cover while they approached my direction with great speed.

I was on tenterhooks, completely out of breath as I took cover against the men chasing me.

I saw the silhouette of their contour passed by me, few metres away from my spot.

I felt relieved by the new development but it became short-lived when the reality of my escape dawned on me much more fiercely, I sat down in stunned silence.

I felt terrible leaving everyone else behind.

I drew myself up without any form of dignity. I had an uncontrollable urge to turn my self in like everyone else in the room.

Remembering the unconscious body lying on the floor, that was my best friend. We never expected a prank to get far as she committing a suicide.

I dutifully stepped out of my covers to plain sight, let out a scream to alert them of my whereabouts. They did so right on time and was sure to lock me up.

The doors were shut against my face whilst we drove away.

I look forward with hope to a mild future.

Dear One Reading this, never make a Silly Prank Call. Learn from my story.

Best Wishes,

The Sensation Team.

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  1. Daniel

    I like this writing. The way you used a story to pass a vital information.

    Pranks are good, but there are extents to which a stop should be made.

    Great article!

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